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Next-generation Virtual Power Plant and energy management platform.

Demand Response, Curtailment Services, AI-enabled optimization and automation

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Founder & CEO, Dwayne Caldwell built a solar development company from the ground up over the last 10 years. He installed 100+ projects to put >7MW of clean, renewable energy onto the grid. That's when he learned of the critical gaps and inefficiencies in the integration process. The grid is aging, demand is increasing and intermittent renewables are on the rise, introducing significant uncertainty to the grid. Uncertainty is often expensive.

Enspi offers a unique solution with our AI-powered Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform. With Enspi, you get advanced energy optimization and market participation, enabling you to focus on your core business operations while we seamlessly manage your energy assets. And you get paid for it.


We are an ambitious team with experience across energy, AI/ML, carbon/emissions solutions, and sales growth.

Dwayne Caldwell
Dwayne Caldwell

Nicolas Pooran
Tichakunda Mangono
Nicolas Pooran
Jason Kaasovic
Emissions Solutions Director
Nicolas Pooran
Terence J. Brown
V.P. of Growth


We are a team of advisors committed to providing comprehensive guidance and invaluable insights.

Dwayne Caldwell
Robert Richardson

Nicolas Pooran
Advisor, Markets & Regulation

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