With Enspi you will






With Enspi you will





your energy!

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Real-time Energy Views

See and control your energy flows across locations and distributed energy resources  

Direct Energy Market Access

Get paid for reducing your electricity consumption when the grid needs it the most

AI-optimized Asset Scheduler

Smoothly manage your portfolio of energy assets to operate at the cleanest and cheapest times on the grid

Secure, set-and-forget energy automation

We work with commercial and industrial (CNI), government, energy and climate tech players and small businesses to tap into new revenue streams while achieving a cleaner energy profile

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New Energy Revenue Streams
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Cost-effective Grid Resilience
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Lower Energy Bill
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Cleaner Energy Profile
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Smooth operations and workflow, integrates with existing systems  

A critical tool for optimization and revenue for critical operations

Energy Asset Digital View

Unique, secure and comprehensive digital representation of participating assets or DERs

Custom Energy Profiles

Customized control of when and how your assets participate in events

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Auto-scheduler & Market Access

Profit from market participation and optimized energy asset portfolio

How We Work

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Consultation and Customization

Our journey begins with a deep dive into your energy infrastructure and needs. We collaborate with you to customize the Enspi VPP solution, ensuring it aligns with your operational goals, energy assets, and sustainability targets.

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Seamless Integration and Curtailment Strategy

Our team expertly integrates Enspi’s VPP with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition. We also develop a tailored curtailment strategy, enabling you to participate in demand response programs effectively, reducing energy usage during peak times without impacting your operations.

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Real-Time Optimization and Demand Response Post-integration

Our AI-driven platform manages your energy assets in real-time. It optimizes energy consumption, participates in demand response events, and adjusts to market signals and energy prices, ensuring operational efficiency and cost reduction.

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Continuous Support and Energy Reduction Initiatives

We provide ongoing support and system enhancements to adapt to evolving energy landscapes. Our team works with you to implement energy reduction initiatives, further enhancing efficiency and contributing to your sustainability goals.

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Insightful Reporting and Decision Support

Receive detailed reports and insights into your energy consumption, savings, and performance in demand response events. Our platform offers actionable data, empowering you to make informed decisions and continually refine your energy strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Enspi: Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the Shift: How Virtual Power Plants Revolutionize Energy Management

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of decentralized energy resources (like solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries) that are collectively managed through software and AI to efficiently supply power, balance the grid, and reduce energy costs.

How does Enspi’s VPP platform benefit me as a manufacturer?

Enspi’s VPP platform allows manufacturers to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and access new revenue streams by participating in energy markets. Our AI-driven platform ensures your operations are powered during the cheapest and cleanest times, enhancing your sustainability profile.

Is my data secure with Enspi?

Absolutely. Data security is paramount at Enspi. We employ robust encryption and industry-best practices to ensure your data is protected and your operations are secure.

How does Enspi contribute to sustainability?

Enspi’s VPP platform promotes the use of renewable energy sources and optimizes energy consumption patterns, significantly reducing carbon footprints and fostering a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

Can Enspi integrate with my existing energy systems?

Yes, our platform is designed for seamless integration. Enspi’s VPP can connect with various energy assets and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate efficiency gains.

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